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thou - feral faun

Unbound, unrepressed, untamed, uncontrollable, unknown. No longer cowering beneath the roles hewn to our beings, we shall reclaim our vital energy, unique and unpredictable. Backs bent no more in the mad race of resource production and consumption. That web of domination, that web of mediation. Of limited experience and clearly defined boundaries. We rebuke this overgrown wasteland, teeming with the repulsiveness of pavement and cement. A concrete wilderness? No. An everlasting shrine to submission and death. A false wilderness prostrate and conforming to the will of man. Those vines and shrubs that would bend the knee, a caricature of freedom, an affront to life. We seek that which can only be found in the unmappable, the unknown, the unknowable. And from this venture we can never retreat. We have been recruited in blood. And the blood sings.



Francesca’s chest

I love my boobs


I’m rewatching Johnny Bravo


「強襲揚陸少女」/「しゃお」の作品 [pixiv] #pixitail

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favorite gif